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Setting the bar high for audio equipment manufacturers By

Setting the bar high for audio equipment manufacturers By

It would be a bolt from the blue for 16 year- old Shravanth Vanga if he knew that being unhappy about the quality of speakers at his home was going to make him build an unparalleled audio business in the near future. Now at 26, Shravanth’s Eight Audio International stands out in the industry and brings to the market a range of first-rate speakers for home theater and stereo setups.

Building the idea

Shravanth Vanga had an early start with the art of experimenting. He recollects how he used to disassemble the speakers at his home to unearth its concept at the age of 12. However, it took almost a year for Shravanth to build on his ideas. The scanty idea of dismantling and rebuilding speakers cleared the way for him to become an entrepreneur from square one.

At 19, he was nothing less of a successful entrepreneur in the acoustics business. Seven years later today, Eight Audio international brings a well-designed range of products that fastens the hold between variations and the design expertise of SB acoustics.

Making amends in the business

Being engrossed with music and identifying the errors in the system propelled Shravanth to work on the defects and rectify them. Now, his startup, Eight Audio International, provides mass market products that are high-end in quality. Crossover inductors, automation devices, Audio electronics, and speaker drives are some commendable findings of the company.

Based in Hyderabad, Telangana, the innovation behind Eight Audio International has opened new gates for Shravanth to bring about changes in the acoustics industry.

Early life as an entrepreneur

Like any other business owner, the early days were dreadful for Shravanth due to several reasons. Not being able to locate a course for pursuing sound engineering was one of them.

Shravanth Vanga knew he had an ace up his sleeve when he found DIY videos on youtube about working with equipment’s. He turned to resources on the internet while pursuing his engineering degree and had plans back then to instigate the idea of his business in the market after graduation.

While Shravanth was still a college student, his triumphant efforts roared and spread across cities. In an interview, Shravanth talked about the startup name and his plans with it at 19.

Throughout the next few years, Shravanth worked hook, line, and sinker to give shape to his dreams. Natch, Shravanth’s efforts started showing results as the idea was one of a kind.

He got his BE degree in Electronics and communication engineering from Brilliant college, Hyderabad, and his acoustics engineering accreditation from Patsav Academy. The graduation marked the beginning of his journey in building a successful profession around acoustics.

Crossing milestones as a business owner

Eight Audio International uses the nuances of SB acoustics, Denmark, as a base for building products. The exceptional quality of speakers and amplifiers, coupled with Shravanth’s extensive expertise, makes Eight Audio international the most eligible audio equipment manufacturer in the market.

Further, the company maintains a handsome network of dealers across the country. Also, the quality of products makes the startup a five-star seller. The products match the expectations of DJs, professional musicians, bands, and theatre owners that form the clientele of Eight Audio international. Bespoke speakers are their claim to fame, as they are of qualities that touch international standards.

The company takes an extra leap in performing all the tasks, ideation, planning, execution, testing, and producing under one roof. Another noteworthy aspect is their way of choosing and purchasing components based on trust and experience.

Working up to customers’ expectations

It won’t be too much to say Eight Audio works to bring impressive experiences for its buyers. Most buyers quote the products to be of the finest quality.

In addition, Eight Audio anchors the quality of its products by backing them with a warranty that extends up to five years. Buyers can use it to notify errors in the operation and finish of the product.

A team of talented individuals stays in place to listen to buyers’ problems and questions. Qualities of this sort bring the company commendable consumer reviews and ratings.

The recent product, Agate F26 speakers, is bringing customers a next-level acoustic experience. The cutting-edge quality that meets global standards makes the products worth every penny spent. The home-theater equipment has a well-built structure for stereo setups.

Planning the forthcoming years for Eight Audio

Shravanth Vanga, at the age of 19, wanted to build his idea into a business. Doting on it and making amends to bring it to perfection helped him make it a reality.

Now, after learning the industry in depth, the entrepreneur wants to work on every aspect to bring his buyer’s cherishable experience in all acoustic arenas. People at Eight Audio international strive to give the best possible results pertaining to dynamics, bass, and handling capacities.

Shravanth looks forward to building Eight Audio International, a global firm, and broadening the scope of it in the upcoming days.

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